We offer international special transportation up to 2500 kg.
We can easily transport loads up to a height of 325 cm, a width of 250 cm and a length of 750 cm.
These include boat, caravan, motor, bodywork, tractor, quad, trailer, steel construction, machinery and building materials.

Often cargo does not fit into a van, but transport by truck is too expensive.
As we drive a large trailer, we do not pay toll in Belgium and Germany.
Our fuel consumption is also lower than the consumption of a truck.
This means lower rates.
Cheaper transport, in your favor.
With a loading floor area of 203 x 610 cm. We can carry up to 2.5 tons.
Indivisible load can protrude up to 100 cm behind, and can protrude up to 50 cm in front.
Load to 750 cm length is no problem.

Special Transport



Of course we are in possession of the necessary transport licenses.

International Transport

will operate under the Convention on the International Carriage of Goods on the Road.
On request, this will be sent to you.

Marc Wolfhagen

Marc Wolfhagen

EuroSprint Transport Services
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